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Eli Lu Productions is an entertainment company devoted to producing exceptional, captivating and dynamic content and materials for various audiences. The founders Eli and Lu, twins from West Philadelphia, started Eli Lu Productions in 2009. The company first began producing  stage plays for college audiences but have expanded over the years to creating various entertainment mediums such as movies, web shows, documentaries, and educational videos. Eli and Lu have won multiple film awards for their independent films.

Although Eli Lu Productions is NOT a servicing company, Eli Lu does collaborate with other companies, organizations, businesses, etc to produce film materials, videos, and commercials.

Watch “When Karma Calls” 

When Karma Calls Movie

Logline: Following the mysterious outbreak of parallel punishments, a blogger searches for answers to a supernatural force driven by karma.

“My Dear Arthur” at Cannes

“My Dear Arthur” Actress, Heather, at Cannes

Eli Lu’s “My Dear Arthur” short film screened at the Cannes Film Festival in France – actress, Heather Owens, tells us her experience.

Award Winning Filmmakers

Eli & Lu Bevins are Award Winning Filmmakers

In a little over 3 years, twin sisters Eli & Lu Bevins have become award winning filmmakers. Check out their awards and accomplishments here.

Eli & Lu to Speak at the Community Underground Film Fest

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What others say about us


“Eli Lu Productions is powered by a dynamic duo who are bold and creative. They are enjoyable on set and off. I can always be confident in their work to bring my stories to life.”

Danielle Singer / Songwriter

“Working with Eli and Lu was a very fun  and learning experience. Plus, I got the chance to rescue a damsel in distress!”

Tan Actor

“I have had the privilege to perform in three films for Eli Lu Productions. I am so impressed by the talent, professionalism and drive that these two women possess. Amazing people to work with.”


“Eli Lu Productions is a special Company with Great opportunities and Expertise. During my time on and off set with the company, I found a charisma and professionalism like none other. I am honored to have been able to work with them.”